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Combine an indie music touring band on a budget with 7 million dollar dreams, you find there is lots of room for heartbreak and swashbuckling. These Grammy members and talented musicians have lots of laughs and share tips as they document their behind-the-scenes journey together, as they are still behind-the-scenes. Hear new music from indie artists that cross their path and be the first to hear new SLB tracks as we write them. Host - Devlin Miles navigates this journey with Drummer Jibrail Nor, Violinist Olivia Martinez, Pianist Tony Espinoza, Bassist Charles Butterfield II, Trumpeter Shanelle Jenkins, Guitarist Ali Bishop, and Road Manager and Documentary Photographer Kim Nicholais.
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Welcome to "SLB Indie Trailer" podcast, where host and vocalist Devlin Miles, of a Soulful Rock Band, Sweet Little Bloodhound takes you on-the-road as they tour and travel around the music industry, finding and supporting other indie artists.  Host: Devlin Miles of Sweet Little Bloodhound & Kim Nicholais, Commercial Photographer, start Season 2 with an RV trip to their first music fest - Floyd Fest, Virginia.

Download "SLB Indie Trailer" and take us with you on the road and let us know what you think @SLBloodhound 

Feb 16, 2016
SLB Indie Trailer S2 Ep12 ATL Packing Heat

This episode Sweet Little Bloodhound tours Atlanta, plays an award show, goes to Guitar Center, has a poolside rehearsal at the hotel, and rocks a local block party.  A real glimpse of what it is like to tour as an indie band and how you navigate a tour on a budget.  Take us with you as we laugh and learn together.

Included in this episode

Olivia Martinez

Charles Butterfield II

Kim Nicholais

Devlin Miles

Jibrail Nor

Shanelle Jenkins

Ali Bishop

The Encore Band


Services discussed and provided by:

Guitar Center

Dodge Grand Caravan

Pro Atlanta Sound

Treehouse Studios Atlanta - @Treehouse_ATL

Kelly Kline Photography


WomenInCharg3 Awards




Feb 9, 2016
SLB Indie Trailer S2 Ep11 OnTour SLB hits ATL part 1

In this episode the listener becomes the fly or spider on the wall of the tour van as Sweet Little Bloodhound passes 16 hours in a van together. Meet the band, their habits, and their passions.  

Olivia Martinez, Devlin Miles, Kim Nicholais, Charles Butterfield II, Jibrail Nor, Ali Bishop

Music in this episode is actual music from Jibrail Nor's playlist. SLB assumes no copyright or infringement on other artists works, we happily refer to the artists as we thank all the artists for becoming part of the fabric of our lives as we keep you with us on tour and in our hearts.

Music credits:(not referenced in the audio) 

Next Stop Is Love, Superhero Female, War, and Be Still all by Sweet Little Bloodhound

*If you have any inquiries about copyright or material referenced in this episode please email: SLB at SweetLittleBloodhound dot com 


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